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Product Features

This 4.0 cu. washer from Amana delivers a thorough, even clean with a dual action agitator, which rolls clothes through the bottom of the wash basket. Its durable porcelain tub helps protect your favorites from snags, while the deep water wash option adds more water during the rinse cycle for added confidence.

This 6.5 cu. ft. top-load dryer from Amana can help prevent damage from overdrying with automatic dryness control.  Plus, you get 11 dry cycles and the wrinkle prevent option to help keep creases and crinkles from settling in.

Product Benefits

  • 4.0 cu. ft top load washer
  • 9 cycles
  • 700 RPM
  • 6.5 cu ft dryer
  • Automatic dryness control
  • 3 temperature settings
  • 11 dryer cycles
  • Wrinkle prevent option

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